The Tiki is our peaceful not-so-virtual-anymore island in the wide open spaces of Internet. Its a place to meet our friends from around the world on a regular basis without getting up from the chair.

Its also a place to improve our skills in 3D design, programming and many other disciplines of web design. There's a big network of virtual world owners that we exchange ideas and know-how with.

First established in 2006 on a Second Life island, the Tiki has developed now into an independent application hosted on our own server. It's open 24/7 and completely free for our friends and visitors.

Connected via Hypergrid, we are linked to thousands of other virtual worlds. It's fun to travel around and see the ideas of others and improvements in this 3D technology.

At end of 2010 we decided to add a virtual biking track computer game with multi-and single-racing modes to test the possibilities of open-source OpenSim technology. The results have convinced us: OpenSim is significantly more stable and outperforms the "original" software from SecondLife/Linden Labs.

Come and visit us, have fun and... behave! ;)