How do I access the Tiki?

Download the Imprudence Viewer here.

It is available for nearly each operating system. Most of the Tiki'ans use this viewer, its fast, safe and open sourced.

Please install the viewer and go to step 2.
Open the Imprudence Viewer and click the "Grid Manager" button on the bottom line.
Choose "Add New Grid".
1 - Set Grid Name to "tiki"

2 - Set URL Login to ""

3 - Click "Get Grid Info"

4 - Click "OK" - You can find this yourself :)
Make sure "tiki" is chosen here.
Use your avatar login data you have chosen in the registration form.

Movement and biking controls

Its easy to navigate around with the arrow keys of your keyboard:

Arrow up: walk/run/fly forward
Arrow down: walk/run/fly backward
Arrow left: turn left
Arrow right: turn right
Page up (tap): jump
Page up (hold): start to fly/fly up
Page down (tap): duck
Page down (hold): fly down
Ctrl+R (Windows) always run/bike fast
Cmd+R (Mac)

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Are there any costs to visit your virtual world?

No. We don't even have a currency system established.

Can I access the Tiki with the SL Viewer?

Yes, but its not very comfortable, we recommend the popular open-sourced Imprudence viewer, this is more performant and has a more elegant method to choose a grid.

To login with the SL viewer:


  • make a copy of the SecondLife icon on your desktop
  • rename it to 'tiki-login'
  • edit the properties on the icon and set the command line to ...\SecondLife.exe" -loginuri
  • run it


  • Make a '' file, and put this in it:
    /Applications/Second\\ Life -loginuri
  • set it to executable (chmod 755


  • change directory to you viewer (SecondLife_XYZ)
  • run ./secondlife -loginuri

More info: OpenSimulator Website

How to install my own virtual world on my computer?

Its easy to create an own world also with average computer knowledge, you just need a computer connected to internet with some free disk space. There are 3 different ways to establish your own presence:

>>> OSGrid: The easiest way is to use a preconfigured package and link your world/island to a existing grid (grid = a number of islands interconnected). Some services are centrally hosted by the grid operator, so you don't have to care about inventory or avatar databases. We recommend OSgrid (, its completely free, the software is easy to setup and keep up-to-date. Its available for Windows, Unix and Mac.

OSgrid download page
OSgrid tutorial

>>> Diva Distro: Another elegant way is to use the cost-free Diva Distro package, its an easy to setup solution for standalone worlds (not connected to a bigger grid). Its a little bit more challenging, because you have to run all services by yourself, but the package is well prepared and documented.

Diva Distro package description
Diva Distro Downloads
6-step installation

>>> Basic standalone: If you are able to compile software yourself and have enough nerves to pick helpful informations from forums and outdated websites the basic OpenSimulator solution will be your favorite: The benefit is complete control over settings and assets, the possibility to optimize source-code by yourself, and also independence from other developers. But you will swear a lot! The Tiki is such a standalone, maximum freedom, but lots of trial and error to make it working.

Build instructions

And don't forget: Put a hypergrid-link to the Tiki on your island(s)!

I have more questions. Can I contact you?

We are mostly online at 9-10 GMT on the Tiki. Feel free to join us and ask them.

Some good info resources: